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A team united by shared values

We are not just a family; we are so much more! We are a group of 20 people each with their own strengths and potential, dedicated each day to achieving the results you want by giving our very best. Our daily motivation comes from being a close-knit team who believe in the same values.

Before being digital experts, we are people, something we feel strongly, so much so that we have made it our pay-off, Human to Digital! 

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P Lino
Lino Tisi
Junior Web Developer
P Nicola
Nicola Mosca
P Marco
Marco Parolari
PM | Web Consultant
P Ernesto
Ernesto Baruzzi
IT Consultant
P Penny
Niccolò Pennestre
Head of Sales
P Francesca
Francesca Novali
Marketing Manager
P Alessandra
Alessandra Carli
Project Manager, Product R&D
P Barbara
Barbara Maffeis
Digital Account & Help Desk
P Philipp
Philipp Matz
Art Director
P Valentina
Valentina Giovanelli
Ux Designer
P Silvia
Silvia Martinello
PMO, Accounting & Finance Service
P Mirian
Mirian Molina
Digital Account & Help Desk Manager
Annachiara Battocchio
Help Desk Assistant
P Laura
Laura Palluello
Seo Specialist & Ads
P Malacarne (1)
Massimo Malacarne
Senior Software Developer
P Daniele
Daniele Salvini
Senior Software Developer
P Fabrizio
Fabrizio Leonardi
Senior Software Developer
P Ion
Ion Turcan
Quality & Golive Manager
P Tommaso
Tommaso Ladini
Junior Software Developer
Alessandro Margonari
Alessandro Margonari
Junior Software Developer

What does Kumbe mean? 
This is where it all began.

Could we have chosen a mundane, run-of-the-mill or descriptive name? No chance! Kumbe is a Zulu word, an exclamation of joy meaning something like “Yeah!” or “Hurrah!”, a sort of reminder for all of us. You can give your own interpretation but the important thing is that it combines energy, joy, and enterprise. This is why we chose this word, a source of vitality, and we like the idea of it being infectious for everyone else: clients, friends, partners, and even our competitors!
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Human to Digital must than just a pay-off

The last few years have been intense and at Kumbe we have decided to take a moment, to reflect, and understand who we are. We are Human to Digital. Exactly that, first and foremost we are all people who want to interact with each other and exchange ideas. People who firmly believe that digital can improve everyone’s lives and who are keenly committed to this goal. We feel so strongly about this that we have chosen it as the company’s driving force!
Payoff Kumbe

Meet the Kumbe Team

Some of us are very shy (Valentina and Tommaso, we’re talking about you!) whilst others are more outgoing and off the wall (you know we are talking about Niccolò and Alessandra too) and then we have people who are more precise and meticulous (and there are lots of them, top of the list is perhaps Ion!). There are also the quiet ones (you thought you were going to escape Daniele but no!) Then there are the creative types such as Philipp and the two Francescas. We also have the board (the bosses) who are Nicola, Marco and Erneto, each of them is completely different but together they provide the perfect blend!
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Where you can find us?

In paradise! Kumbe is based in a beautiful green valley in Trentino, a stunning Alpine region of Italy. It might seem glib to call this a ‘paradise’ but that’s exactly what it is! We are just 30 km from the ski resort of Madonna di Campiglio and we have chosen to remain here, in our valley, because we think life is pretty good here. Whether you come to us or we come to you, it is always a pleasure because we have the opportunity to take in some of your tourist destination and you have the opportunity to spend some time in the mountains.
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What is a typical day like at Kumbe?

We begin with a cup of proper Italian coffee, assuming of course that the day didn’t start at the top of a mountain watching the sun come up. Yes, it’s no joke, we really do that! Then we get down to our digital projects, sharing ideas through brainstorming, one-to-one meetings with clients, and creation. Some people love to work late while others prefer an early start so they can finish at 4pm and head off for an aperitif in the town square or on a terrace, overlooking our magnificent mountains.
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We like to trust our instincts, allowing ourselves to be guided by research and our passion for finding the best solutions.

Icona collaborazione


We value the people we interact with, allowing us to create additional value in to our daily work.

Icona benessere


Feeling good and making others feel good is our mantra, allowing us to achieve shared goals by working in harmony.

What about you?

Are you interested? Kumbe is always looking for people who live digitally, enterprising individuals who like to get involved and show respect for others. If you have been reading this presentation and are thinking “I’m just like that!” then send us your application and, above all, tell us about you!

Work with us

Where are we? Kumbe is located in Tione di Trento (Trentino - Italy). Our headquarters is 30 km from Madonna di Campiglio / Riva del Garda and approx. 40 km from Trento.
We like working in the mountains, surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites in the Italian Alps, do you want to know why? Come visit us and we'll show you!

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