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Web services for tourist destinations

Let us tell you about everything we can do to help your DMO grow digitally. Have we missed something? Let’s talk about it, we love new challenges!

Digital consultancy for tourist destinations

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We seek the best digital strategies and technical solutions to strengthen the online presence of DMOs to make them distinctive and allow them to stand out. We provide highly tailored strategic and digital consultancy. A dedicated team with more than 10 years of experience in the tourism sector working to make every project unique.

Strategy and analysis

Are you a tourist destination and are looking to create a new digital project but don’t know where to start? We can help you! The first stage in creating your new digital project is a detailed study of the data and digital environment you are interested in. Our personal consultancy and support services will help you to understand the problems to be solved and the opportunities to grasp.

Sharing and planning

Teamwork is always a winner and can deliver surprising results. We involve your team in developing and creating the new web portal for your DMO. We plan ahead for each step, setting out the road ahead to avoid any doubt or wasted time.

Creation of Brand Identity and Concepts that create identity

At Kumbe, we blend creativity, data research, and innovative technological solutions to create unique concepts which represent a destination in a truly authentic way. Any good destination needs a brand identity that distinguishes it; we built that together!

Web portals for tourist destinations

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We create fully customised web portals, finding the digital solutions which best meet your objectives. Web portals by Kumbe are created from detailed analysis and tailored strategies to deliver a high-quality user experience that is built on modern technology.

Analysis and Information Architecture

The first stage in the creation of a web portal for your destination involves the analysis and creation of a thorough information architecture which establishes a clear identity. Together, we assess the current “as is”, discuss it with you, and then start to shape your digital project.

Wireframe, Supporting Your Portal

We love to share every step with you. Having confirmed the information architecture, we will begin to create the portal by creating the wireframe. This involves identifying all of the sections and logic for the website. PS. don’t expect to see graphical design straight away. The wireframe is deliberately bare because first of all it is crucial to configure the content and integrations.

UX Design and Prototyping

At last, it is time for the most exciting part! Having defined the wireframe, our designers will begin to create and dress the web portal for your DMO. If you already have your own brand look, we will stick to your instructions to create a coordinated visual identity. If you do not yet have a brand identity, we can work on it together! Once the graphic design has been confirmed, we produce the prototype which is where your portal really starts to take shape: at this stage, it can be used and everything becomes much clearer.

Implementation and Technology Integrations

Do you know how a portal is created? No? No problem! Our web developers have lots of experience and they are able to put into practice everything that we have looked at so far. You don’t need to know anything about coding and so on. This is the stage where the project starts to take shape.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We optimise your website in technical and structural terms, as well as its content, using our in-depth strategic SEO approach. This allows us to improve the indexing of the portal on Google, ensuring good visibility for your brand and a competitive position over the competition.


While our developers are busy working on the technical aspects, we will support you with writing and organising the content to be included. Our assistance does not stop at copywriting, we also help you to identify the best multimedia content to insert, creating your identity and an emotional connection with your tourist web portal.

Pre Go-Live Checklist

Control and Excitement. Two words which are almost the opposite of each other but which describe the crucial stages of the creation of your website. More than 900 checks guarantee that your portal functions correctly. Once the control phase has been completed, the project is ready to be put online. Go live! At last, your site is live on the web. Our work does not end here; Kumbe continues to regularly monitor the portal to prevent any glitches or bugs.

We are Always On Hand to Provide Support!

We continue to support you, even after the go live! We know how important support, consultancy, and our vision are to you. Kumbe is committed to supporting your tourist destination, even after the web portal has gone online. Developments, enhancements, and optimisations offer opportunities to build on the strong long-term relationships which we also try to build.

Technologies for Your Digital Hub

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We power tourist destination web portals by creating digital hubs that provide a comprehensive online presence and offer complete control.

DMS - Destination Management System

The ability to interface with third-party DMS in different ways allows for the collection and improvement of data, relating content to experiences/events/services to provide an improved user experience and increased conversions. The interface via web services brings external content/services into our systems using logic that can be customised/optimised to obtain a promotional and sales portal which is effective, integrated, and high performance.

DAM - Digital Asset Management

Media management has always been a crucial issue for ensuring the quality of content and conveying an emotional connection through our projects. In order to make things easier for our users, we have integrated a number of Digital Asset Management platforms over the years (Crowdriff, Canto, Pimcore) and external platforms which allow us to collect content in a synchronous and/or asynchronous manner and bring them into the CMS, enhancing them with connections and/or attributes so that they are properly contextualised and displayed inside the portal.


Our knowledge and full-stack expertise have allowed us to integrate ERP systems such as SAP, SAGE X3, Microsoft Dynamics, Arca and Profis with a high degree of flexibility. We have integrated these tools with both legacy and custom interfaces, implementing interfaces with SOAP, RESTFul, Odata services with JSON/XML payloads. We introduce company processes into the website, integrating them with responsive interfaces and distributed architectures.


The true value of CRMs lies in the way they are used; we invest time and resources to set up Customer Relationship Management projects but it is only when we use this information that we see their benefits. We use our know-how to integrate CRMs into online processes, managing opt-in/opt-out logics in an optimised and compliant manner, integrating the distribution lists, collecting actions and events performed by users via the various touchpoints. Once again in this case, the integration is made via all of the stacks, from simple widgets with javascript listeners to native integrations via API/web service.

Digital Signage

By developing a physical product, which uses interactive kiosks with integrated checkouts and POS terminals, we also give you the opportunity to sell your experiences. All of this is achieved through physical touchpoints located in strategic points across the region and integrated with content, experiences and products managed on the online portal. Price lists, availability, organisation and presentation are all managed from a web interface which is used to administer everything.


Since 2007, we have been developing user interfaces adapted to suit all devices. We offer the ability to display the correct information on specific devices with lean and effective digital processes. Our technical expertise allows us to make our projects available on web apps, progressive web apps rather than native applications on Android and iOS.

Data-Driven Platform

We have created an information layer which combines the use of clustering, aggregation and machine learning algorithms with our know-how. This can be used to see how users behave on the portal, providing information to optimise the DMO’s strategy.

Tourism Communications and Digital Marketing

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We research highly customised marketing strategies to bolster the online presence of your tourist destination. The web portal is a crucial tool which works best when it is combined with a communication, promotions, and online sales strategy.

Google and Meta Advertising

We create the best Google Advertising strategy to support your tourist destination’s online presence and conversions. Depending on your objectives, we can also integrate advertising strategies for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and TikTok.

Social Media Marketing

We create an editorial plan and an integrated calendar for running, feeding, and using your social media channels in the best possible way. Today users find information, relax and even make purchases via social media networks, and we can help you to always be ready!

Email Marketing

We boost your email marketing strategy, helping you to reach your customers with direct communications. Newsletters and DEMs are created and planned using a strategy which allows you to pursue promotional, commercial, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty objectives.

Content Marketing

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We create dedicated multimedia content for every channel (website, social media accounts, newsletters, etc.). We coordinate and carry out photo and video shoots designed around your visual communication strategy.

TOV - Tone of Voice

What is the Tone of Voice? Tone of Voice involves identifying a creative concept which guides all of your communications. Identifying a style to differentiate your content is an ideal strategy for setting yourself apart and, above all, getting noticed and being remembered. Make your guests immediately feel at home and let the atmosphere of your DMO shine through!

Personalised Copywriting

Content is still king! People say that no one reads them yet content still plays a crucial role for the online presence and optimisation of your web portal. We take care of writing the copy, ensuring it is persuasive, engaging and of course optimised for search engines.

Photo and Video Service

When it comes to content, it is also important to consider visual content. Copy and multimedia go hand-in-hand, and together they are stronger and more persuasive. We run photo and video shoots for your website, we create storyboards and concepts to make them unique and create an identity.

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We seek the best digital strategies and technical solutions to strengthen the online presence of DMOs, making them distinctive and allowing them to stand out. We provide bespoke strategic and digital consultancy. A dedicated team with more than 10 years of experience in the tourism sector working to make every project unique.

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Where are we? Kumbe is located in Tione di Trento (Trentino - Italy). Our headquarters is 30 km from Madonna di Campiglio / Riva del Garda and approx. 40 km from Trento.
We like working in the mountains, surrounded by the Brenta Dolomites in the Italian Alps, do you want to know why? Come visit us and we'll show you!

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